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My introduction to hemp milk first came through a friend of mine who introduced me to Free, the owner of 'Hemp in Avalon' and creator of the 'Super Green Hemp Smoothie', I have been enjoying hemp milk and other wholefoods for some time since. My interest in highly nutritional foods started way back when I was consistently run down with cold and flu symptoms and my breathing started to deteriorate. I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with asthma! The doctor tried to give me a steroid pump, to which I objected, prompting me to research and assess my own nutritional intake. After all, I thought, if the trillions of cells in our bodies are not receiving the correct proteins, minerals, vitamins & amino acids then they are not going to be able to produce healthy membranes and this will contribute to poor cellular function.

I believe that most people have an immune system lower than it should be and the major contributing factors for this are refined sugars, processed foods and synthetic pollutants, these factors combined with the effects of lack of exercise played on my mind. My first step was to stop using toxic household products and cosmetics, including soaps, shampoos and deodorants. These products contain thousands of chemicals that are released into our environment without the effects being thoroughly tested and we have no idea of the consequence to long term human and planetary health. In association with this, food contains far less nutritional value than it did fifty years ago, mainly due to poor soil conditions and overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So, it makes perfect sense to increase your nutritional intake and detoxify your system, no matter what state your health is, whether you suffer from bad skin, a low immune system, tiredness, depression, low concentration levels, stomach complaints, unbalanced sugar levels, or if you are a super fit, healthy athlete; fundamental cellular growth must lead to improved condition.

After regularly taking hemp milk and a mixture of super foods I have had no signs of asthma and rarely get ill. The reason I started the Enchanted Brave pack is because no one is doing it in this particular way, by including nutritional information and a step by step guide with all the ingredients together in one pack to make an affordable, concise solution. It is easy to understand as a complete beginner or from the perspective of someone interested in nutrition but confused by the myriad of information available. Since starting the company we have expanded the range of packs for those wanting to go one step further, hence the 'Elixir' and 'Elan' boxes and for those who need convenience we have the instant hemp shake range, there really is no excuse for you not to reach your full potential! The process of making the milk is in itself a very rewarding routine. In a society where everything is prepared for you, taking steps to make your own live, fresh milk is a cathartic experience especially when you understand its nutritional value and what it does for your mind, body and all round well-being. I hope you enjoy your journey, with great health comes greater understanding and consciousness, do with it what you may.

The road is long but each day presents an infinite number of possibilities...

Vincent W. Taylor

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