David J. Davies
Whalley Range, Manchester

I started using Enchanted Brave’s 20 day smoothie pack in September 2012.  Within the first month I noticed immediate improvements and a year on my body has increased exceptionally as follows:

  • I no longer need any of my asthma medications (which I have been using for 35 years) except for the occasional week break from using the Enchanted Brave smoothie pack!
  • Digestion has improved greatly
  • Bouts of depression became less regular
  • General concentration increase
  • Occasional fatigue and weariness became less regular

With stamina increasing

  • The packs and fruits and berries helped remove my sweet tooth radically reducing my sugar intake to a minimal level and also reduced my appetite for processed foods.
  • Increased my food and drink awareness
  • Making the shakes regularly has given me a routine in the morning I enjoy keeping to.
  • I have absolute faith in this product and have enjoyed the excellent and attentive manner that Enchanted Brave have conducted business and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Denise Ballantyne
The Scottish Borders.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Vincent Taylor and had a discussion about the products he promotes, Vincent does not just sell “the enchanted brave” products, he is a walking example of how these organic, nutritional super foods benefit, support and nourish the entire human body.

His depth of knowledge, personal ethics, along with his dedication to help each individual select the combination that suits them best is what prompted me to try them.

In my own healing journey, having lived with rheumatoid arthritis since childhood, I was advised by my Naturopath/Kinesiologist to change my diet to wheat and dairy free, amongst other things.

I had been finding it difficult to source good organic nutritional foods and supplements, (and believe me I have tried many products over the years.) Within a few days of taking the Revival mix and Macca I could literally feel my body not only absorbing the goodness but craving it.

I revisited my kinesiologist  and took the Revival mix and Macca to be tested as to whether they were really suiting me or had I imagined it,  not only were they suiting me, the therapist of many years experience was impressed by the purity of products. Now I am using many more to support my health.

What I must add is that we are all unique individuals, so finding what combination supports and energises your own healing process is important,  I am just so thankful that I have found “the enchanted brave” products and can definitely recommended them.

With gratitude from Denise Ballantyne

The Scottish Borders.

James Jepson

I have been using the Elixir pack for several months now and the change to my health and stamina has been dramatic. After using the clay on my face, I have already noticed a permanent change – much softer skin, reduced blackheads and better complexion. I no longer buy expensive, chemical-based moisturisers and instead use a small amount of oil which works better than anything I’ve tried before. When using the clay in my hair, I find it deep-cleans and conditions in a way I’ve never experienced with shampoo.

The combination of nutritious tablets and powders which make up the rest of the pack have made a huge difference to my health. Over the last ten years I have suffered increasingly from a condition called ‘Gilbert’s Syndrome’, which actually affects up to 1 in 20 people but somehow isn’t very well known. It causes quite unpredictable fluctuations in liver function, meaning that I often get very dehydrated and ill after drinking alcohol. By drinking smoothies, made using the Elixir pack, I have essentially found a workable cure to these problems, meaning that I can enjoy my social life again!

Vincent from Enchanted Brave is there with you at every stage, giving you advice and suggestions. Once you start taking the time to think about your health and then see what can be achieved, you can’t help but look at the world with fresh eyes. The modern world often seems geared towards a complacent attitude to health, favouring cheapness and speed over the essential quality that comes from ‘real food’. This pack is a simple, but excellent first step towards achieving better health and well being.

Sam Lewis
Chorlton Manchester

After finally realizing it was my high sugar content cereal habit that was leaving me craving chocolate and sweets all day long I switched to the Enchanted Brave hemp smoothies. I started with the basic pack and instantly felt there was a balance restored to my body and much less cravings for sugar throughout the day. Stepping up my game to the smoothie breakfast also had a knock on effect of making me take more care and be more conscious of the other things I was eating too. I have been drinking the smoothies nearly everyday for about 1 year now and at the start of this year I decided (after weening myself off during the previous months) to go for a completely meat free diet. I spoke with Vincent about this and he recommended I start adding some Moringa into my smoothies as this contains nearly all of the amino acids essential for us to build the proteins that meat would usually provide. Since drinking the smoothies I have introduced to a number of friends who have all jumped on board and now started getting from Enchanted Brave and drinking daily. It makes you feel great so why wouldn’t they?

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