HERMES from: £12.00

"For use as a massage oil or perfume, dilute as necessary."

In ancient Rome he represented Mercury, the planet of communication. As an adroit speaker he was especially employed as a messenger when eloquence was required to attain the desired object. Being endowed with shrewdness and sagacity he was regarded as author of a variety of inventions, besides the lyre and syrinx, he is also said to have invented the alphabet, numbers, astronomy, music, the art of fighting, gymnastics, the cultivation of the olive tree, measures and weights plus many other things often taken for granted.

Draws mercurial influences, communication, intelligence, travel. The peppermint in this blend is perfect for purification, cleansing, healing and protection spells, Lavender aids dream work and draws love. Used to heal (purify) a room or house of negative psychic energy. Will rouse the conscious mind and halt negative thoughts. It can also be used for self-purification and visualization.

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