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"A Superb Skin toner, shampoo & conditioner, brings volume, shine & softness. "

Face, Body and hair mask
A Superb Skin toner, shampoo & conditioner, brings volume, shine & softness.
Combining Roots, barks and flowers, enhancing moisture content, elasticity & brightening of the skin. Combating itchy scalp and premature greying whilst stimulating hair growth and hair fall out prevention. All the while smelling like sandalwood.

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  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

    Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

    This iron-rich red clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It is processed to remove graininess and impurities, then sun-dried and powdered to perfection. Minerals : Dolomite, silica, ferric oxide, and mineral oxides.


  • Sandalwood Powder

    Sandalwood Powder

    Has been taken from the hard wood of sandalwood trees in Mysore, India. Helps with a deep relaxation of the nervous system, natural insomnia remedy, is excellent for concentration and eliminating brain fog. Harmonising, aphrodisiac, moisturises dry skin, relives itching and inflammation. It’s great for preventing scar formation and tones the skin and leaves the hair smelling delightful.


  • Orris Root Powder

    Orris Root Powder

    Comes from Aboca, Italy. The Iris flower with its three leaves from its blossom, represents, faith, wisdom and valour. The Orris root is used for skin and body and has a positive effect on the moisture content & elasticity of skin.


  • Alma Powder

    Alma Powder



  • Hibiscus Powder

    Hibiscus Powder


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